KCM Connect Meeting Report 23 August 2011

On 17 June 2011, the KCM Europe office launched its first ever Regional Connect Meeting at Carmel Christian Centre in Bristol. Our aim was to connect with and bless KCM Partners and friends living around the area and provide an opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about KCM to do so. The meeting was also a means for KCM Partners and friends to meet other like-minded people in their locality.

How encouraging that people travelled from as far away as London, High Wycombe, Oxford, Devon and Wales!

Following an introduction and welcome by the European Executive Director, Martin Hawkins, there was a wonderful time of worship, with a very real sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence. Attendees were then treated to a specially recorded DVD welcome message from Brother Copeland, praying for and blessing the meeting. Two inspiring testimonies of God’s healing power and faithfulness followed: one by a UK Partner whose husband had been miraculously healed after a near-fatal heart attack, and the other, a DVD testimony of an American pastor’s wife healed of cancer.

Two of KCM Europe’s Trustees shared at the meeting, with Pastor Alex Ashton introducing the offering and Reverend Tony Sheard preaching the Word. Ministering from Hebrews 11:1, he taught about faith being the substance that brings future hope into the now, that we need no longer settle for small things: it is time to see great things take place. Drawing from the accounts of 3 different Biblical miracles (Luke 5:17, Mark 10:46-52 and Mark 5:25- 34), he encouraged everyone to stir up expectancy within them. Great expectation produces great faith and sees great results. Many responded to Tony’s invitation at the end to receive prayer for breakthrough in whatever situation they were facing. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully during this ministry time and many were blessed.

We give God all the praise and glory for the appreciation expressed by those present for this new KCM initiative and the positive feedback received since.

A huge ‘thank you’ also to Pastors Gerri and Michelle di Somma for their generosity in making their church building available for the event, and to their team for serving us in various ways.

These Connect meetings are the fruit of suggestions from you, our Partners and friends, and the start of something that we believe will be a great blessing. So keep checking our website and BVoV magazine for future meetings! We would love to meet you at the next one.